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Fishing on the river Usk

 Llanfaes bridge to Gwennies lane

With a backrop of the Brecon Beacons the River Usk contains a wealth of wildlife and scenic beauty.

The river is inhabited by Brown Trout and Salmon and many other species of fish including minnows, the pollution sensitive Stone Loach and Bullhads, as well as the Twaite Shad, the rare Allis Shad, Eels, Lamprey and Sea Trout. The River is oocasionally restocked with Brown Trout. It is also the home of the elusive Otter and the Kingfisher. Dippers may be seen, who unlike any other bird sees it’s food by walking under water; there are Sandmartins from West Africa who nest in colonies in the eroding river banks and Daubenton’s Bat may be seen in the daytime or more usually at dusk. The River Usk is an important bat corridor. 

Rules and Regulations – to be read in conjunction with The Rod Fishing Byelaws, Natural Resources Wales available at (hard copy available on request)
1. Spinning bait for salmon must not be less than 5cm.
2. No worming for trout except in spate conditions and only between 15th April and 30th September subject to method restriction dates below.
3. No stationary worming. Fishermen using such bait must move along the bank unless disabled.
4. No club or competitive angling at any time, unless with prior permission.
5. No spinning for trout. Any trout caught whilst spinning for salmon must be returned to the water.
6. No wading before March 20th.
7. No fishing other than fly until April 15th.
8. No fishing other that stated in open seasons and method restrictions as set out in box 14 below and in these rules and regulations.
9. The Management Committee has imposed a bag limit of two trout in a 24 hour period.
10. No lead weights.
11. All waste nylon filament to be removed.
12. No fishing except fair rod and line, no night line or night lobworm allowed and no fishing with maggots.
13. It is illegal to take fish not reaching the following size limits measured from tip of snout to the form of the tail: Sea trout: 23cm. All sea trout greater than 60cm must be released with minimum injury and delay. Brown trout: 23cm.
14. Tickets are not transferable. Any ticket holder lending his/her ticket shall be disqualified from fishing.

Brecon River and Beacons

Scale of charges:

Daily trout and salmon – £15.00(both resident and non-resident)

Resident trout and salmon – Season Ticket – £30.00 (Brecon Town Rate Payers)

Non-resident trout and salmon – season ticket – £40.00

Concessionary permits – children up to 14 years – season ticket – £15.00

Disabled and oap’s (residents & non residents) – season ticket – £20.00 (on production of pension book or disability identification card)

3 day weekend ticket – £25.00

Brown Trout & Salmon

These inhabit all unpolluted upland rivers, they may be seen during the summer months, breaking the surface of the water to take flies. These form part of their diet along with snails, insects, crustaceans and occasionally small fish.

The Usk is an important Salmon river. Each year,between March and November fish, which are born in the river 1 to 3 years earlier, return from the North Atlantic ocean to spawn.
They lay their eggs in the river gravel during November and December. The eggs hatch in May and the young fry swim out of the gravel to grow into parr and feed in the river for 1 to 2 years. In the spring when the parr are about 4 inches long they turn silvery and as smolts swim out to sea to feed off the coasts of Greenland until returning to the river when mature. Salmon may be seen leaping at the Brecon weir during summer and autumn

TROUT fishing by FLY ONLY
Trout: 3 March to 30 Sept.

All Salmon caught must be released alive with minimum injury and delay: 3 Mar to 17 Oct ;
Fly only until 1 June;
Fly, spinner or worm between 1 June and 15 Sept;
Fly and spinner only from 15 Sept to 17 Oct.

No maggots at any time.Two salmon per day limit
Sea Trout: 20 Mar. to 17 Oct. Methods as for salmon.

Note: Please check the Environment Agency Wales latest edition byelaws booklet before you go fishing, as changes may have occurred since our information was last updated.

Maps detailing the fishing ground are available from ticket vendors. 

Fishing Permits

The Guildhall, High Street. Brecon, (Lion Street entrance)

Tel: 01874 622884

Brecon Pet and Garden Centre, 53/54 High Street, Brecon

Tel: 01874 625913

The Hours Cafe, 15 Ship Street, Brecon

Tel: 01874 622800


For all other enquires please use our main contact information.

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Rules & Regulations

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